To create a long lasting insecticide treated net which can last for 3 years, where the process of insecticide application can be done at the factory with special technology, or it can be done at the location individually.


  1. Factory insecticide application with special technology:
    • Higher product standard since coating is done by automated machines.
    • Better quality control.
  2. Individual insecticide application:
    • Suitable for untreated net which are already been distributed, also for treated net but not long lasting. Therefore it will be more efficient to protect against mosquito.
      • Long lasting effect on the net:
        • Resolve the problem for re-treatment, no need to re-apply insecticide on net.
        • Saving on cost, time, and energy.
        • Reduce the chance for misuse of the net to catch fish, which may harm the environment.

Comparison between continuous retreated net and long lasting net

Price of the net = x
Cost for every re-treatment = y
Period of re-treatment = once /6 months
Usage duration of the net = 3 -5 years




Continuous retreated (ordinary) net Long Lasting Net
Total price & cost for 3 years x+6y x+y

It is very clear the difference is 5y.

If we assume that the cost for 1 re-treatment (y) is Rp. 20.000, the total extra cost is Rp. 100.000. This is not including other costs such as, human resource, special equipments (gloves, mask, etc), and also the risk to pollute the environment when there is insecticide left over.

DuraNet® Mosquito Repellent LLlTN

  • DuraNet® Mosquito Repellent is trademark of PT. Catur Kartika Jaya.
  • Tested in the laboratory of Loka Litbang Depkes Pangandaran, Ciamis as one of the long lasting net to control Malaria disease.
  • First long lasting net factory in Indonesia.
  • Patent is in progress.

DuraNet® Technology

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Duranet Technology
Depkes Pangandaran Test Result

DuraNet is not just a trademark however; it is also a technology that can be patented. The main principle on how DuraNet works is as follows: after the sawing process, net will be coated by mixture made from membrane polymer and insecticide. This coat consists of more than 20 layers. The net then needs to be dried under the shade. When the net is washed, only one layer of coating is washed by detergent. After the net is dried, the next layer will protect your family again without special technique (e.g.: heated).

Benefit of DuraNet®

  1. Target concentration Permethrin 550mg/m2, with minimum 450 mg/m2.
  2. After 6 wash, the minimum insecticide concentrate on the net is 350 mg/m2. This value is still above minimum insecticide concentrate recommended by WHO for continuous treated net.

  3. Insecticide that remains on the net will still be effective until 20 washes.

Advantages of DuraNet®

  1. Insecticide characteristic
    The insecticide we use is Permethrin, categorized as Pyrethroid which is safe for human. It doesn’t produce strong odour. Decompose under sun light in 7 days.
  2. Treatment process
    Insecticide application is done on the last step, after the sawing process. This will decrease the number of people exposed to the insecticide. This process can also be applied to any nets that require long lasting effect, coating lace curtains, and mixing the formulae with paint to repel mosquito (special formulae).
  3. Partnership
    We offer partnership with project supplier, private or government base to market DuraNet.

More Successful Mosquito Repellent Program

  1. The main problem for re-treated net on the field is the success rate. The reasons are:
    • Difficulty in collecting nets from people to be re-treated as a group or individually, therefore needs counselling beforehand.
    • Re-treatment process needs new insecticide, proper place, special tools, and trained people.
  2. Very hard to reach the desired standard for re-treatment process on the field. The insecticide content will not be evenly spread on the net.
  3. Re-treated net has a high risk that the insecticide remainder will be dumped to the environment. The first wash estimated to have 50% of the insecticide to come of the net. This particular characteristic may be misused to catch fish in the river.
  4. People located at a remote location will take more time, energy and cost.

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