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About Us

PT Catur Kartika Jaya was created on 04 April 1985 as a family knitting company. Production of Mosquito nets and lace curtains started at the beginning of 1988. Our company’s focus changed to Brukat in 2001 due to the overwhelming trend during that period.

However, the company worried that this trend will end soon because of the tight competition with the other textile companies. This forced the company to look for a different product that will secure our position on the market.

The research and development came out with a new distinct product which is a combination between textile and other technology. The first product is called EKODUR, this is a water proof membrane. This product can be used to make water tanks or as a structure coating membrane.

The next product is Long Lasting Net which can last for 20 washes. This product has been tested by one of the research and development facility of Indonesia Department of Health (Departemen Kesehatan Indonesia).

These two products are very unique since there are limited numbers of similar products in the world. There are still other innovations which are still under development and will be presented soon.

Our mission is to be the manager of water that is always improving over time, working together with all the partners who are ready to advance together.

PT Cahaya Kharisma Jaya was created in 2003 with main purpose to distribute products from PT Catur Kartika Jaya also concentrate on research and development.

Our three main products are:

  • Mosquito net with no insecticide
  • Insecticide treated net (not long lasting)
  • Long lasting insecticide treated net (up to 20 washes or 3 years)

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